Create an Alias for a Target


You have a library target definition buried deep within the directory structure of your project and want to make it easier for others to refer to that definition (for example when specifying dependencies).


Specify an alias definition that refers to a target deeper in the directory tree and acts as a proxy for it.


Let's say that you have a project with a BUILD file specifying a Scala scala_library target that's deep in the directory tree, for example at myproject/subproject/src/main/scala. In order for other libraries to depend on that project, you'd need to add something like this to their dependencies:

  # ...
  # ...

In addition, Pants commands would be similarly verbose:

$ ./pants compile myproject/src/main/scala/com/twitter/myproject:scala

You can simplify this by creating an alias definition in a BUILD file stored in a more convenient location in the directory tree, for example in the root directory. Here's an example:

:: python
# myproject/BUILD

Now, other projects can depend on the library target in a more concise manner:

:: python
  # ...
  # ...

Pants commands involving the alias are simplified as well. Here's a comparison:

:: bash

# Without an alias
$ ./pants compile myproject/src/main/scala/com/twitter/myproject/subproject/util:scala

# With an alias
$ ./pants compile myproject:myproject

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