Add a Dependency on Another Target


You need to add a dependency for a library target in the same repository.


Add a reference to the desired library target to the dependencies listed for your target. Dependencies to other targets are typically added to scala_library, java_library, and python_library targets.


Below is an example python_library definition that specifies dependencies on other targets:

# src/python/myproject/example/BUILD

In this example, we have two dependencies, both of which reside in the same repository as our code. They are referenced by the relative path from the root of the repository, to the location of the BUILD file that defines the buildable target you wish to depend on.

You should always target dependencies through their library target definition (e.g. scala_library or python_library). Many projects have set up aliases that are shorter. For more info, see Create an Alias for a Target.

NOTE: In many cases, you can specify a library target path without specifying a target name. In the example above, the src/python/myproject/library-a library is targeted without a target name. That's because the target name, in this case, is the same as that of the directory. Here's what that BUILD file might look like:

# src/python/myproject/library-a

    # ...

This is called a default target name and can be used whenever the target and directory names match.

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