Pants v2: The ergonomic build system

Welcome to the Pants v2 documentation hub!

Pants v2 is a fast, scalable, user-friendly build system for growing codebases. It's currently focused on Python, with support for other languages coming soon.

Here you'll find guides to help you get started with Pants v2, comprehensive documentation on how to configure, run and customize Pants v2, and information on how to get help from the Pants community.

Get Started

The Python ecosystem has a great many tools for various features. Pants installs, configures, and invokes those tools for you, while taking care of orchestrating the workflow, caching results, and running concurrently.

Pants currently supports the following goals and features for Python:


underlying tools

dependency resolution


test running



black, flake8, docformatter, isort, pylint, bandit, grep



code generation

protoc (including the gRPC and Mypy plugins)


setuptools, pex, aws lambda

running a REPL

python, iPython

counting lines of code


There are also goals for querying and understanding your dependency graph, and a robust help system. We're adding support for additional tools and features all the time, and it's straightforward to implement your own.

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