The javac Java source compiler.

Config section: [javac]

Basic options


--javac-args="[<shell_str>, <shell_str>, ...]"
default: []

Global javac compiler flags, e.g. --javac-args='-g -deprecation'.

Advanced options


Deprecated options


default: adopt:1.11

Deprecated, will be removed in version: 2.10.0.dev0.
Use `--jvm-jdk`, which behaves the same.

The JDK to use for invoking javac.

This string will be passed directly to Coursier's --jvm parameter. Run cs java --available to see a list of available JVM versions on your platform.

If the string 'system' is passed, Coursier's --system-jvm option will be used instead, but note that this can lead to inconsistent behavior since the JVM version will be whatever happens to be found first on the system's PATH.

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