Pants v2: The ergonomic build system

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Pants v2 is a fast, scalable, user-friendly build system for growing codebases. It's currently focused on Python, with support for other languages coming soon.

Here you'll find guides to help you get started with Pants v2, comprehensive documentation on how to configure, run and customize Pants v2, and information on how to get help from the Pants community.

Get Started

How Pants uses Pex to run Python subprocesses.

Config section: [pex]

Basic options


Advanced options


--pex-executable-search-paths="[<binary-paths>, <binary-paths>, ...]"

The PATH value that will be used by the PEX subprocess and any subprocesses it spawns.

The special string "<PATH>" will expand to the contents of the PATH env var.


--pex-bootstrap-interpreter-names="[<bootstrap-python-names>, <bootstrap-python-names>, ...]"

The names of Python binaries to search for to bootstrap PEX files with.

This does not impact which Python interpreter is used to run your code, only what is used to run the PEX tool. See the interpreter_search_paths option in [python-setup] to influence where interpreters are searched for.


default: 0

Set the verbosity level of PEX logging, from 0 (no logging) up to 9 (max logging).

Deprecated options


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