Options specific to generating Python from Thrift using Apache Thrift

Backend: pants.backend.codegen.thrift.apache.python
Config section: [python-thrift]

Basic options


--python-thrift-options="['<str>', '<str>', ...]"


default: []

Code generation options specific to the Python code generator to pass to the Apache thift binary via the -gen py argument. See thrift -help for supported values.

Advanced options




default: True

If True, will add a dependency on a python_requirement target exposing the thrift module (usually from the thrift requirement).

If [python].enable_resolves is set, Pants will only infer dependencies on python_requirement targets that use the same resolve as the particular thrift_source / thrift_source target uses, which is set via its python_resolve field.

Unless this option is disabled, Pants will error if no relevant target is found or more than one is found which causes ambiguity.

Deprecated options


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