Pants v2: Fast, consistent builds for Python and more

Welcome to the Pants v2 documentation hub!

Pants v2 is a fast, scalable build system for growing codebases. It's currently focused on Python, with support for other languages coming soon.

Here you'll find guides to help you get started with Pants v2, comprehensive documentation on how to configure, run and customize Pants v2, and information on how to get help from the Pants community.

Get Started

Some highlights:

  • Improved performance when running Python subprocesses like Pytest, Flake8, and MyPy, thanks to Pex's new venv mode. This shaved off around 1 second for test runs in benchmarks!
  • ./pants tailor goal, which will auto-generate BUILD files for you. See Adopting Pants in existing repositories.
  • Support for specifying file:// URLs for downloaded tools like Pex and Protoc.
  • More robust remote caching support. The client should be more stable and should avoid performance slowdowns thanks to some new optimizations. See Remote Execution.

See here for a detailed change log.

Updated about a month ago


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