Specify a File Bundle


You have created a jvm_app target definition for bundling a Scala or Java project and you want to include assets such as config files or shell scripts in the bundle.


Add a bundles list to your jvm_app target definition (more info on jvm_app definitions can be found in Define a Scala or Java Bundle Target).


Here is an example jvm_app definition that shows different possibilities for defining file bundles (and explains them below):

  bundle(fileset=rglobs('src/main/resources/*')), # 1
  bundle(fileset=globs('config/*') - globs('*.xml'), # 2
  bundle(relative_to='src', fileset=globs('src/scripts/*.sh')) # 3
  1. The rglobs definition will recursively include all files in the src/main/resources directory, including all sub-directories. More info can be found in Use globs and rglobs to group files.
  2. All files in the config directory are included except any .xml files.
  3. All .sh files in the src/scripts directory will be included. The relative_to effectively strips away the specified directory, in this case src, which means that all files in src/scripts would end up in the root of the bundle. If you specified relative_to='src/scripts' instead, for example, all files would end up in the root directory.

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