Some highlights:

  • Improved formatting of <<pantscmd>> help and <<pantscmd>> goals.
  • .gitignore will auto-populate the global option --pants-ignore, by default, through the new global option --pants-use-gitignore.
  • The dependencies goal has a new --type=3rdparty option to list the requirement strings of your third-party dependencies.
  • The filedeps goal has a new --transitive flag to include all used files from dependencies, instead of only files used the target itself.
  • <<pantscmd>> binary will now use all fields defined on a python_binary target, like zip_safe and platforms.
  • When resolving third-party Python dependencies, you can now use the repos option in [python-setup] to use custom repositories other than PyPI.
  • <<pantscmd>> binary and <<pantscmd>> run better support globs of targets; they will filter out all irrelevant targets for you.
  • <<pantscmd>> -ldebug and -ltrace will enable logging in PEX for better troubleshooting.
  • Pytest coverage reports can be written to the console through --pytest-coverage-report=console.
  • Pytest coverage reports can be automatically opened through ./pants test --open-coverage.
  • Fixed how interpreter constraints are applied from dependencies.

See here for a detailed change log.