Hey! These docs are for version 2.10, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 2.13!


Who's hiring?

Pants empowers companies to scale codebases faster, collaborate more effectively across teams, and keep the focus centered on developers’ joy and productive. Here are some opportunities to check out:

IBMIBM is seeking a Build Systems Engineer for the Watson Orders group. You’ll help own, manage, and develop the common runtime and build tooling for the IBM Cloud and Cognitive Software. Including the core build tooling for the Python monorepo, which is all in Pants. Bonus: get to work with Pants Maintainer Joshua Cannon!
iManageIManage is looking for a backend developer who is excited to improve their craft and build software they are proud of. You'd be working on a python web application which manages some of the largest corporate legal transactions in the world.
NikeNike is hiring software engineers. Search at https://jobs.nike.com/ for latest engineering openings.
OxboticaOxbotica is searching for a software engineer (UK-based or ready to move to the UK with visa sponsorship!) to take care of our Python development infrastructure. We are a Pants friendly place, and have been running happily for a year now. Come work with Pants Maintainer Alexey Tereshenkov!
RipplingInterested in enhancing developer productivity with simple yet impactful work? Love to build frameworks and tools for smart engineers? Join the infrastructure team at Rippling in India, US, Canada or remote.


Recruiting in Pants community

Are you a hiring manager seeking software engineers who are experienced with Pants build system, and share a passion for code quality, developer productivity, scaling fast, and promulgating modern best practices? You’re invited to announce opportunities on the Pants community Slack. On-topic job postings are welcome in the #general or #random channel.