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Who uses Pants

Pants is making engineering teams productive and happy at a range of companies and organizations, including:

Aiven, Astranis, Brand24, Chartbeat, Coinbase, Doctrine, ESL Gaming, Foursquare, Geminus, Grapl Security, HousingAnywhere, IBM, iManage, Lablup, MystAI, Ocrolus, Orca Security, Pave, PayHere, PeopleDataLabs, Ponder, Rippling, Snowfall Travel, Tessian, Toolchain, Unit, Valon, VicaraSolutions, and WhisperAI.
Aiven Astranis

(case study)
Brand24 Chartbeat

Coinbase Doctrine
(case study)

ESL Gaming Foursquare

Geminus Grapl

HousingAnywhere IBM

(case study)
iManage Lablup
(case study)

Myst AI Ocrolus

Orca Security Pave

Payhere People Data Labs

Ponder Rippling

Snowfall Tessian

Toolchain Unit

Valon Vicara Solutions



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