Lint your code using regex patterns, e.g. to check for copyright headers.

To activate this with the lint goal, you must set [regex-lint].config.

Unlike other linters, this can run on files not owned by targets, such as BUILD files. To run on those, use lint '**' rather than lint ::, for example. Unfortunately, --changed-since=<sha> does not yet cause this linter to run. We are exploring how to improve both these gotchas.

Backend: pants.backend.project_info
Config section: [regex-lint]

Basic options


--regex-lint-config="{'key1': val1, 'key2': val2, ...}"
default: {}

Config schema is as follows:

'required_matches': {
    'path_pattern1': [content_pattern1, content_pattern2],
    'path_pattern2': [content_pattern1, content_pattern3],
'path_patterns': [
    'name': path_pattern1',
    'pattern': <path regex pattern>,
    'inverted': True|False (defaults to False),
    'content_encoding': <encoding> (defaults to utf8)
'content_patterns': [
    'name': 'content_pattern1',
    'pattern': <content regex pattern>,
    'inverted': True|False (defaults to False)

Meaning: if a file matches some path pattern, its content must match all the corresponding content patterns.

It's often helpful to load this config from a JSON or YAML file. To do that, set [regex-lint].config = '@path/to/config.yaml', for example.


one of: none, summary, nonmatching, names, all
default: nonmatching

How much detail to include in the result.

Advanced options


Deprecated options