The ScalaPB protocol buffer compiler (

Backend: pants.backend.experimental.codegen.protobuf.scala
Config section: [scalapb]

Basic options


--scalapb-jvm-plugins="['<str>', '<str>', ...]"
default: []

A list of JVM-based protoc plugins to invoke when generating Scala code from protobuf files. The format for each plugin specifier is NAME=ARTIFACT where NAME is the name of the plugin and ARTIFACT is either the address of a jvm_artifact target or the colon-separated Maven coordinate for the plugin's jar artifact.

For example, to invoke the fs2-grpc protoc plugin, the following option would work: --scalapb-jvm-plugins=fs2=org.typelevel:fs2-grpc-codegen_2.12:2.3.1. (Note: you would also need to set --scalapb-runtime-dependencies appropriately to include the applicable runtime libraries for your chosen protoc plugins.)

Advanced options


default: 0.11.6

Version string for the tool. This is available for substitution in the [scalapb].artifacts option by including the string {version}.


--scalapb-artifacts="['<str>', '<str>', ...]"

Artifact requirements for this tool using specified as either the address of a jvm_artifact target or, alternatively, as a colon-separated Maven coordinates (e.g., group:name:version). For Maven coordinates, the string {version} version will be substituted with the value of the [scalapb].version option.


default: <default>

Path to a lockfile used for installing the tool.

Set to the string <default> to use a lockfile provided by Pants, so long as you have not changed the --version option. See for the default lockfile contents.

To use a custom lockfile, set this option to a file path relative to the build root, then run ./pants jvm-generate-lockfiles --resolve=scalapb.

Deprecated options