Hey! These docs are for version 2.12, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 2.18!

This release requires having a Python 3.7 or 3.8 interpreter to run Pants. Run curl -L -o ./pants https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pantsbuild/setup/2f079cbe4fc6a1d9d87decba51f19d7689aee69e/pants to update your ./pants script to choose the correct interpreter.

Some highlights:

  • Added dependency inference for Python imports of Protobuf, along with Protobuf imports of Protobuf. See Protobuf and gRPC.
  • Pantsd will no longer restart when a run of Pants is killed (such as with Ctrl+C): instead, the serverside work will be canceled. This improves performance by keeping your builds warm for longer periods.
  • Pants uses PEX 2.1.24, which enables using the new PIP resolver by setting [python-setup] resolver_version: pip-2020-resolver. This is expected to be the only stable release of Pants that supports both resolvers without a deprecation, so give it a whirl soon!
  • The sources field is deprecated for pex_binary and python_awslambda targets to ease dependency inference, and improve consistency. See the change for more info!

See here for a detailed change log.