The [Pants community](🔗) is friendly, welcoming, and passionate about improving the craft of software engineering. If you need help with anything Pants-related, you've come to the right place. We'd love to hear from you!

## Slack

The best place to become acquainted with Pants community members, exchange informal chat and ask quick questions is at the project's Slack. You can join using [this link](🔗).

We encourage you to introduce yourself in the `#welcome` channel!

## Discussions

The best place to ask deeper technical questions or hold design discussions is via the project's [GitHub Discussions](🔗). While questions, feedback, and design discussions are equally welcome on Slack, _we encourage you to choose Discussions whenever it's likely other users would benefit from persistent access to the conversation_. GitHub Discussions is indexed by search engines, and its content is retained long-term, so this is opportunity to help your fellow Pants users by making it easier for folks to discover supplementary technical information beyond the [docs](🔗).

We encourage you to introduce yourself in the [`"welcome"`](🔗) category!

## Blog

Read [blog.pantsbuild.org](🔗) to find elaboration on new features, tutorials, reveals of upcoming features, insights into what we're thinking about and working on, case studies, and behind-the-scenes interviews with Pants users and maintainers.

## Mailing list

You can join the `[email protected]` mailing list [here](🔗). This is used mostly for announcements and for us to solicit user feedback.

## GitHub Repository

Pants is an open-source software project, developed at [https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants](🔗).

If you discover a bug with Pants or have a feature request, feel free to [file an issue](🔗). Please check first if a similar issue has already been filed; if it has, please comment so that we know to bump the issue in priority.

## YouTube

We also have a [Pants Build YouTube channel](🔗) with a variety of concise tutorials, introductions to core concepts, and tips. Subscribe to the channel to get notified of additions.

Have an idea or request for a future video topic? Bring it up on the Slack! We'd love to know what you're wondering about.

## About us

[Learn more](🔗) about the Pants community.