./pants generate-lockfiles [args]

Generate lockfiles for Python third-party dependencies.

Config section: [generate-lockfiles]

Basic options


--generate-lockfiles-resolve="['<str>', '<str>', ...]"
default: []

Only generate lockfiles for the specified resolve(s).

Resolves are the logical names for the different lockfiles used in your project. For your own code's dependencies, these come from the option [python-setup].experimental_resolves_to_lockfiles. For tool lockfiles, resolve names are the options scope for that tool such as black, pytest, and mypy-protobuf.

For example, you can run ./pants generate-lockfiles --resolve=black --resolve=pytest --resolve=data-science to only generate lockfiles for those two tools and your resolve named data-science.

If you specify an invalid resolve name, like 'fake', Pants will output all possible values.

If not specified, Pants will generate lockfiles for all resolves.

Advanced options


default: None

If set, lockfile headers will say to run this command to regenerate the lockfile, rather than running ./pants generate-lockfiles --resolve=<name> like normal.

Deprecated options


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