Hey! These docs are for version 2.8, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 2.18!

Pants versionChangelogHighlights
2.8[2.8.x.md](🔗)- [Blog: Golang support](🔗) - [Blog: PEP 517 support](🔗)
2.7[2.7.x.md](🔗)- [Blog: introducing 2.7](🔗) - [Blog: experience contributing Yapf](🔗) - [Blog: Docker support](🔗) - [Blog: Streamlining packaging with Docker](🔗)
2.6[2.6.x.md](🔗)- [Blog: introducing 2.6](🔗) - [Blog: Poetry support](🔗)
2.5[2.5.x.md](🔗)- [Blog: introducing 2.5](🔗) - [Blog: Apple Silicon](🔗)
2.4[2.4.x.md](🔗)- [Blog: introducing 2.4](🔗)
2.3[2.3.x.md](🔗)- [Blog: introducing 2.3](🔗) - [Blog: Tailoring Pants to your codebase](🔗)
2.2[2.2.x.md](🔗)- [2.2 overview](🔗) - [Blog: Pants 2.2 adds dependency inference for Protobuf](🔗)
2.1[2.1.x.rst](🔗)- [2.1 overview](🔗) - [Blog: Unlocking incremental Python 3 migrations with Pants](🔗)
2.0[2.0.x.rst](🔗)- [How to upgrade from Pants 1 to Pants 2](🔗) - [Blog: Introducing Pants v2](🔗)
1.30[1.30.x.rst](🔗)- [1.30 overview](🔗)