Hey! These docs are for version 2.8, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 2.17!

The Pants community has several Maintainers: people with a proven track record of contributions to the community and an ongoing commitment to the project, who guide the contributions of the wider community.

## Maintainer responsibilities

It is the responsibility of a maintainer to uphold the health and quality of the project.

  • Maintainers are responsible for the quality of the contributions they approve.

  • Maintainers should raise objections to changes that may impact the performance, security, or maintainability of the project.

  • Maintainers should help shepherd changes through our contribution process.

  • Maintainers should maintain a courteous and professional demeanor when participating in the community.

  • Maintainers should be regular participants on our public communications channels.


Pants publishes at least one new dev or stable release a week. A subset of the Maintainers takes responsibility for publishing these releases.

We use a [Google Calendar](🔗) to coordinate who is on release duty in a given week. When it is time for a release, the Maintainer who has release duty that week is responsible for updating the release documentation, creating release builds, and shepherding them through the review and [release process](🔗).

## Becoming a maintainer

Maintainer candidates are nominated by existing maintainers from among the wider contributor base. Criteria for nomination include:

  • The candidate's desire to become a maintainer.

  • A track record of good contributions.

  • A friendly, helpful, positive attitude.

If a contributor has been nominated, and is willing to become a maintainer, then their candidacy will be discussed and voted on by the existing maintainers.