Pants: A fast, scalable build system

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Pants is a build system designed for codebases that:

  • Are large and/or growing rapidly.
  • Consist of many subprojects that share a significant amount of code.
  • Have complex dependencies on third-party libraries.
  • Use a variety of languages, code generators and frameworks.

Pants supports Java, Scala, Python, C/C++, Go, Javascript/Node, Thrift, Protobuf and Android code. Adding support for other languages, frameworks and code generators is straightforward.

Pants is a collaborative open-source project, built and used by Twitter, Foursquare, Square, Medium and other companies.

Getting Started


The Common Tasks documentation is a practical, solutions-oriented guide to some of the Pants tasks that you're most likely to carry out on a daily basis.

Pants Reference Documentation

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Contributing to Pants

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