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2.21/2.212.21.x.mdBlog: Pants 2.21.0 is released!
2.20/2.202.20.x.mdBlog: Pants 2.20.0 is released!
2.19/2.192.19.x.mdBlog: Pants 2.19.0 is released!
2.18/2.182.18.x.mdBlog: Pants 2.18.0 is released!
2.17/2.172.17.x.mdBlog: Pants 2.17.0 is released!
2.16/2.162.16.x.mdBlog: Pants 2.16.0 is here!
2.15/2.152.15.x.mdBlog: Pants 2.15: Easier multi-platform workflows, Docker build support, automatic code cleanup, and more!
2.14/2.142.14.x.mdBlog: Pants 2.14: Less boilerplate, more Rust, better support for Go monorepos, interactive debugging support, and more!
2.13/2.132.13.x.mdBlog: Pants 2.13: Easier at the command line, easier parallel execution in CI, Kotlin support, and better Python and JVM support!
2.12/2.122.12.x.mdBlog: Pants 2.12: Improved performance for common cases, IDE support for Java and Scala
2.11/2.112.11.x.mdBlog: Introducing 2.11
2.10/2.102.10.x.mdBlog: Introducing 2.10 Blog: Multiple lockfiles in Python repos
2.9/2.92.9.x.mdBlog: Introducing 2.9 Blog: JVM dependency inference
2.8/2.82.8.x.mdBlog: Introducing 2.8 Blog: Golang support
Blog: PEP 517 support
2.7/2.72.7.x.mdBlog: introducing 2.7 Blog: experience contributing Yapf
Blog: Docker support
Blog: Streamlining packaging with Docker
2.6/2.62.6.x.mdBlog: introducing 2.6 Blog: Poetry support
2.5/2.52.5.x.mdBlog: introducing 2.5
Blog: Apple Silicon
2.4/2.42.4.x.mdBlog: introducing 2.4
2.3/2.32.3.x.mdBlog: introducing 2.3
Blog: Tailoring Pants to your codebase
2.2/2.22.2.x.mdBlog: Pants 2.2 adds dependency inference for Protobuf
2.1/2.12.1.x.mdBlog: Unlocking incremental Python 3 migrations with Pants
2.0/2.02.0.x.mdHow to upgrade from Pants 1 to Pants 2
Blog: Introducing Pants v2
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