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Pants 2.20.0 is released!

ยท 2 min read
Chris Burroughs

We are pleased to announce Pants 2.20.0, the latest release of Pantsbuild, the scalable and ergonomic build system. To update, set pants_version = "2.20.0" in your pants.toml. If you're not using Pants yet, get started now.

Highlights in 2.20 include:

Check out the full release notes. Pants is an open-source project, and the changes are all contributed by our community. If you want to see something more in the next changelog, join us on GitHub and become a contributor.

We also offer formal sponsorship tiers for companies, as well as individual sponsorships via GitHub. These help pay for the ongoing development and hosting costs, and are managed by the Pants Build non-profit organization.

To see Pants in action, explore our example repositories:

And let us know what you think in Slack!

Pants wouldn't be possible without everyone who contributed to 2.20.0, including everyone who shared feedback on changes and who tested release candidates! Thank you very much!