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Meet our newest Maintainer: Joshua Cannon

· 2 min read
Benjy Weinberger

The Pants Maintainers are a group of people with an ongoing commitment to Pants, who help manage and steer the project. Maintainers are a subgroup within the wider Contributor population.

I'm very pleased to introduce the latest addition to the Maintainer ranks: Joshua Cannon.

Joshua's current interests are his 9 month old twins! Previous hobbies include:

  • Playing board games, whose boxes weigh more than his twins, such Twilight Imperium and Gloomhaven
  • Multi-year cross-stitching projects
  • Long distance running

Since becoming involved with Pants, Joshua has added support for in-repo Flake8 plugins, running Pylint with transitive dependencies, several enhancements to Python dependency inference, dynamic IU improvements, and most recently the streamlined, mypy-friendly option registration, as well as many bug and documentation fixes. He's also been engaged with the community, answering user questions on Slack and making new users feel welcome.

Joshua aspires to one day be a university lecturer teaching software engineering (My suggested curriculum: "Day 1: Use Pants. Day 2: Here's your diploma" was soundly rejected...) And I should add that his meme game is on point. When notified of his Maintainer status his response was, well, nice.

Thank you Joshua for all your excellent contributions so far, and we look forward to many more in this new role!

PS Would you like to become involved with a friendly open-source community building really interesting technology? We'd love to have you on board! Come say hi on Slack and we'll go from there.