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Vicara Solutions

Vicara Solutions is a prototype-to-production partner for embedded hardware and software products. We bring a big-picture perspective to the design and development process that helps our clients avoid pitfalls common to building and launching connected products.

Vicara's relationship with Pants stems from valuing an unobtrusive, polyglot build system which lets our team focus on the hard problems and cut through the tangled maze of Makefiles, build containers, and bash scripts (aka. developer paperwork).

Vicara's principal, Suresh Joshi, is a Pants contributor who has written several plug-ins and tutorials, and is actively contributing to the C/C++ backend. Need help putting on your Pants? Email [email protected].

📘 Do you offer Pants expert services?

Terrific! Contact us on the #development channel of to discuss getting listed here. Note that the Pants project requires that all listees have at least one employee or principle active on Pants Team.