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Meet our newest Maintainer: Alexey Tereshenkov

· 2 min read
Benjy Weinberger

This month, the Pants core maintainers voted to invite Alexey Tereshenkov to become a Maintainer. This is a trusted role earned through demonstrating a long-term interest in Pants, by people who make regular contributions for some time and who plan to continue to do so. Maintainers conduct code reviews of pull requests, and may be granted extra permissions, such as write access to the Pants repository, as needed.

Alexey has been a Pants user since last spring, and has been contributing to the project from the outset. Moreover, Alexey has been consistently kind, welcoming, and thoughtful. It's been a pleasure to have him in the community, and we are thrilled that he is joining the Maintainer group.

About Alexey

Alexey lives in Oxford, UK, a home to world-famous Oxford university. He is self-taught as a developer, and has extensive experience working in the geospatial industry building all kinds of software and services for solving problems that can be approached using a digital map - everything from fleet logistics and forest management to retail logistics and school planning.

He first learned QuickBasic 4.5 on a Soviet BK computer in the late 1990s and then experimented with Pascal and Borland Delphi. He fell in love with Python later on and it has been his language of choice ever since. When not working, Alexey enjoys training and competing in triathlon, taking part in chess tournaments, and spending time with his family.

Since becoming involved with Pants, Alexey has made several contributions, notably including Yapf formatter support for Python, writing several blog posts, docs improvements, and adding a long-requested python_distribution improvement. He's also been driving Debian + Python packaging support for a while now.

Join the Pants community

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