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Tada, it's our new chat archive!

· 2 min read
Carina C. Zona

Welcome to our new chat mirror, with all six of the current Slack public channels being mirrored to the web.

We're very proud of the vibrant, welcoming, responsive community that underlies the Pantsbuild project. For a long time it's been a goal to make the community chat Slack archives visible to search engines so that others can benefit even faster from previous questions and answers just by Googling, and so that newcomers can instantly see for themselves that this community is one of the truly standout features of Pants.

A few months ago a member of the community arranged for Slack HQ to gift us an upgrade to Pro, making available the full archives starting with 2015. That in itself was an exciting development, and helped set the stage for today's development.

Recently a community member, Rhuan Barreto, suggested looking into the Slack mirroring app Linen. Upon testing it's proven to be a great fit for our needs, so today we are formally launching a chat mirror with all six of the current public channels being mirrored to the web (note: archived channels, private channels, and DMs are not mirrored). Here it is, the new!


We have enabled a Linen feature which assigns every user a different randomly-generated username. Slack profiles (e.g. name, email address, pronouns, etc.) are not published to the mirror.

We're delighted to be able to finally be able to share this deep repository of knowledge, insight, and generosity with a larger audience, knowing that it will be easier than ever to get started with Pants. We'd like to thank Slack HQ for underwriting the Pro subscription, Rhuan for bringing Linen to our attention, and Pants' lead sponsor Toolchain for underwriting the Linen subscription. Teamwork, for the win!