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Sponsoring Pants

How to support the Pants project financially.

Pants is an open-source project that is not owned or controlled by any one company or organization. Engineers from a variety of organizations around the world collaborate to develop and maintain Pants, providing a world-class developer experience to teams such as yours.

The Pants project does incur some expenses. These are primarily the cost of infrastructure required to build, test and release Pants and its accompanying binaries, for the various platforms it runs on, as well as the cost of managing Pants's network presence and hosting its documentation site. These expenses are managed by Pants Build, a California 501(c)(6) non-profit that was established for this purpose, and whose board and officers are active members of the Pants community. This non-profit's only source of revenue is sponsorship by individuals and companies that use Pants.

We offer formal sponsorship tiers for companies, as well as individual sponsorships via GitHub.

We are very grateful to our sponsors, whose support allows us to continue to maintain and release Pants!

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate sponsorships are formal agreements with the Pants Build organization. Sponsors receive regular access to project maintainers, privileged support channels, and listings and acknowledgements on our website.

To inquire about corporate sponsorship, please reach out to Benjy Weinberger on Slack.

The corporate sponsorship tiers are:

Fee, if paid anually$5,000$3,000$1,500
Fee, if paid monthly$500$300$150
Maximum number of sponsors25Unlimited
60 min consultation calls1/quarter1/year-
Privileged support channelyesyesyes
Jobs board placementHighestBelow PlatinumBelow Gold
Acknowledgement in release notesyes--
Placement on website sponsors listHighestBelow PlatinumBelow Gold
Informational text on website300 words200 words100 words

Additional tiers are available by negotiation for contributions above $5,000, or for in-kind contributions of essential infrastructure or personnel by agreement with the Pants Build board.

Consultation calls with maintainers

Platinum and Gold sponsors are entitled to a regular consultation with a Pants Maintainer. This may be in the form of a 1:1 discussion with a maintainer, or a tech talk with your engineering department.

Privileged support channel

A selection of Pants Maintainers are willing to support in a confidential channel, including entering into a confidentiality agreement, allowing greater insight when troubleshooting issues with your Pants environment.

Jobs Board placement

The Pants jobs board is an online resource for posting job opportunities relevant to experienced build engineers. Postings here are visible to Pants Maintainers and Contributors, as well as our user base. Sponsors will receive more prominent placement on our jobs board.

Acknowledgement in release notes

Platinum sponsors will be acknowledged as a financial contributor to each Pants release series made during their sponsorship term, in blog announcements and the release notes included with each distribution.

Acknowledgement on the Pants website

The Pants website will include a sponsor section, displaying logos and informational text about each sponsor. Sponsors will be sorted according to tier.

Individual Sponsorship

For individuals, or small teams for whom corporate sponsorship is not appropriate, we welcome sponsorship via GitHub. Any amount helps!