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Version: 2.16 (deprecated)


A plugin for scalac.

Currently only thirdparty plugins are supported. To enable a plugin, define this target type, and set the artifact= field to the address of a jvm_artifact that provides the plugin.

If the scalac-loaded name of the plugin does not match the target's name, additionally set the plugin_name= field.

Backend: pants.backend.experimental.scala



The address of a jvm_artifact that defines a plugin for scalac.


str | None
default: None

A human-readable description of the target.

Use pants list --documented :: to see all targets with descriptions.


str | None
default: None

The name that scalac should use to load the plugin.

If not set, the plugin name defaults to the target name.


Iterable[str] | None
default: None

Arbitrary strings to describe a target.

For example, you may tag some test targets with 'integration_test' so that you could run pants --tag='integration_test' test :: to only run on targets with that tag.