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Version: 2.22 (prerelease)


A third-party JVM artifact, as identified by its Maven-compatible coordinate.

That is, an artifact identified by its group, artifact, and version components.

Each artifact is associated with one or more resolves (a logical name you give to a lockfile). For this artifact to be used by your first-party code, it must be associated with the resolve(s) used by that code. See the resolve field.




The 'artifact' part of a Maven-compatible coordinate to a third-party JAR artifact.

For the JAR coordinate, the artifact is guava.



The 'group' part of a Maven-compatible coordinate to a third-party JAR artifact.

For the JAR coordinate, the group is



The 'version' part of a Maven-compatible coordinate to a third-party JAR artifact.

For the JAR coordinate, the version is 30.1.1-jre.


str | None
default: None

A human-readable description of the target.

Use pants list --documented :: to see all targets with descriptions.


Iterable[pants.jvm.target_types.JvmArtifactExclusion] | None
default: None

A list of exclusions for unversioned coordinates that should be excluded as dependencies when this artifact is resolved.

This does not prevent this artifact from being included in the resolve as a dependency of other artifacts that depend on it, and is currently intended as a way to resolve version conflicts in complex resolves.

Supported exclusions are:

  • jvm_exclude: Exclude the given artifact and group, or all artifacts from the given group.


default: False

Force artifact version during resolution.

If set, pants will pass --force-version argument to coursier fetch for this artifact.


str | None
default: None

A local JAR file that provides this artifact to the lockfile resolver, instead of a Maven repository.

Path is relative to the BUILD file.

Use the url field for remote artifacts.


str | None
default: None

The major version of the JDK that this target should be built with. If not defined, will default to [jvm].default_source_jdk.


str | None
default: None

.-separated name of the JVM class containing the main() method to be called when executing this target. If not supplied, this will be calculated automatically, either by inspecting the existing manifest (for 3rd-party JARs), or by inspecting the classes inside the JAR, looking for a valid main method. If a value cannot be calculated automatically, you must supply a value for run to succeed.


Iterable[str] | None
default: None

The JVM packages this artifact provides for the purposes of dependency inference.

For example, the JVM artifact junit:junit might provide ["org.junit.**"].

Usually you can leave this field off. If unspecified, Pants will fall back to the [java-infer].third_party_import_mapping, then to a built in mapping (, and then finally it will default to the normalized group of the artifact. For example, in the absence of any other mapping the artifact io.confluent:common-config would default to providing ["io.confluent.**"].

The package path may be made recursive to match symbols in subpackages by adding .** to the end of the package path. For example, specify ["org.junit.**"] to infer a dependency on the artifact for any file importing a symbol from org.junit or its subpackages.


str | None
default: None

The resolve from [jvm].resolves that this artifact should be included in.

If not defined, will default to [jvm].default_resolve.

When generating a lockfile for a particular resolve via the coursier-resolve goal, it will include all artifacts that are declared compatible with that resolve. First-party targets like java_source and scala_source also declare which resolve they use via the resolve field; so, for your first-party code to use a particular jvm_artifact target, that artifact must be included in the resolve used by that code.


Iterable[str] | None
default: None

Arbitrary strings to describe a target.

For example, you may tag some test targets with 'integration_test' so that you could run pants --tag='integration_test' test :: to only run on targets with that tag.


str | None
default: None

A URL that points to the location of this artifact.

If specified, Pants will not fetch this artifact from default Maven repositories, and will instead fetch the artifact from this URL. To use default maven repositories, do not set this value.

Note that file: URLs are not supported. Instead, use the jar field for local artifacts.