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· 3 min read
Joshua Cannon

Make builds more reliable and save time doing so. The upcoming Pants 2.16 introduces a couple of exciting changes to make Pants safer, faster, and more user-friendly. Here we preview a pair of changes which increase hermeticity.

· 6 min read
Stu Hood

Highlights include: less boilerplate via hierarchical defaults for target field values, better Golang monorepo support, with multiple go.mods, do more of your workflows in Pants with the experimental deploy goal (with initial support for Helm), and much more…

· 6 min read
Christopher Neugebauer

We're pleased to announce Pants 2.13.0. Highlights include better command line arguments for file sets, improved JVM support, easier access to parallel execution in CI, and lower barriers to adoption for Python projects that currently use existing distribution and build tools.

· 8 min read
Joshua Cannon

The Python and Docker logos, with a plus sign between them

Pants can build a PEX file, an executable zip file containing your Python code and all transitive dependencies. Deploying your application is as simple as copying the file. This post elaborates on how to get best performance out of the powerful combination of Pants+PEX+Docker.

· 5 min read

Pants 2.6 can now understand Poetry's pyproject.toml configuration for third-party dependency management, addressing one of our most requested features in the last year!

Pants Contributor Liam Wilson delves into this new feature as well as his experiences developing the macro as a Toolchain intern.

· 9 min read
Benjy Weinberger

There are so many tools in the Python development ecosystem. Installing, configuring and orchestrating them—all while not re-executing work unnecessarily—is a hard problem, especially as your codebase grows.

Fortunately, there is now a tailor-made (pun intended) solution: Pants v2!